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President Desk

The philosophy of the School is the vision and ideals as are upheld by the Saints. Swami Shantanand Ji believes that the destiny of man and mankind is made in the classrooms. He harbours the conviction of imparting modern technical education enrooted in traditional moral values to make the student an internal cum external winner. By being an external winner the student accomplishes success and by being an internal winner he attains satisfaction. A right attitude which determines one’s altitude is a pre-requisite to attain the right mix of success and satisfaction.
The school constantly endeavours to mould students into responsible individuals to face the complexities and uncertainties of life with courage and confidence being caring and loving towards mankind and nature. Maharaj Ji is of the strong conviction that education confers a certain amount of power on the individual which should be a source of service.
Enrooted strongly in the belief that whilst the primary purpose of education is to develop life skills for a sustainable living, Maharaj Ji reaffirms the need to bear in mind the spiritual principles that guide our actions.
Vision and Strategy though pivotal, their execution and implementation is quintessential. All the above are ostensibly noticeable in the day to day teachings imparted, discipline maintained and heights of academic excellence achieved.