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Principal's Perspective

A school is not the four walls or the infrastructure, it is the people and values that exist within.

I warmly welcome you to the portals of Swami Sant Dass Public School; which started as a little endeavour with bricks of ABC. in 2000, has metamorphosed to a high skyscraper of value based and quality based education known far and wide for imparting real education.

Today we are standing on the threshold of a new brave world. Keeping pace with time and challenges of modern education, students are being armed with latest mode of education. Knowledge is meticulously being disseminated with latest gadgets with an aim to develop time tested values of love, compassion and humility among students.

Dear all, a right decision at a right time pays in the long run. Your decision to be a part of Swami Sant Dass Family will help you translate your dreams to reality and will take you to greater heights. Do not give up in the face of setbacks but go forward relentlessly with determination, focus and perseverance. This would enrich not only your own life but also prove to be assets to the world, you live in. I feel immense pleasure to greet you heartily in the sacred precincts of the institution. May God endow you with the constant courage and the mainstay of confidence to take all odds and reach the destination.

With the promise of concern and love.